Tongue & Groove Flooring.

Just say no to Boring Flooring! For creating beauty, warmth and charm in any home, there is no viable alternative to real wood flooring. If you are serious about maintaining or even creating more value in your home while improving the livability and attractiveness, then traditional tongue and groove real wood flooring is the only option. But, how do you know where your wood comes from? Can you be sure that it was sourced responsibly? Can you be sure that the forest your floor came from was actually improved by the process of creating your floor instead of destroyed by clear cutting or the lumber industries newest term for decimating forests: “selective harvesting”. Yes you can. One visit to Treehugger forestry and you will know that your floor is actually part of a larger mission dedicated to conscientious use of our local resources and of playing a positive role in maintaining local biodiversity and ecological health.

Beautiful eco-friendly flooring from Treehugger Sustainable Forestry in Walkertown North Carolina is one of the few truly sustainable real wood options available anywhere in the US.. Red oak, white oak, walnut, pine, maple and poplar woods turned into tongue and groove flooring on the same land they are harvested from.

To maintain this high standard of sustainably managing our forest means we are a low volume tree farm. A Treehugger Floor is created to order and will give your home a truly unique feature that will demonstrate your passion for local and environmentally conscious goods while adding unparalleled beauty to your home. Be sure and compliment your flooring with Treehugger Molding and framing.

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