Our Family Recipe:

How a tree becomes a TreeHugger Floor

85 foot sweetgum that dad dropped exactly precisely where he predicted.(You can see fetching arch up toward trunk. It comes into play in a moment.) The picture on the right shows how the tip of the tree landed almost precisely where dad predicted. This prediction was not based on a lean. Actually the tree would not have naturally fallen that direction. He made it go there! It was based on where I needed the tree to go in order to miss my other trees and plants. WOW! DAD ROCKS!!!

After balancing the log on the fetching arch, mom takes the log to the sawmill up my driveway about 700 feet. Although the balancing means the log will not tear up my yard, dad is seen here asking mom to drive around my flower garden to get to the driveway. She will drop the log off by herself once she gets up there. In picture to right, our Dodge is loaded down with firewood. We dont waste a drop of wood at Treehugger Forestry.

Mom and dad creating boards on our Woodmizer sawmill. This type of mill minimizes wasted wood. We had a smaller one in the past but upgraded to this more powerful model with hydraulic loading capabilities. After the logs are sawn at the sawmill, the boards are dried outside in covered stacks for weeks until the moisture content gets down to 15-20%. At that point they are moved to the solar kiln shown on the next page.